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4 Things To Consider To Make Your Volunteering Programme More Inclusive

It is safe to say that the voluntary sector needs to work hard to address inclusion and diversity challenges in the workplaces, in their volunteer work force and services. This is typically down to organisations not being as inclusive as they could be when it comes to considering individuals needs, requirements and general accommodations. This means that the many that would greatly benefit from volunteering, just aren’t getting a chance to. Here at vHelp, we are all about supporting the voluntary sector, making it not only easier for organisations to be inclusive but also, to help volunteers achieve their goals in their roles. In this article, we will be looking at our four top recommended ways to make organisations’ volunteering programme more inclusive. 
Written by vHelp

Six Different Ways to Reimburse People Not on Payroll

Reimbursing expenses can be such a chore for business owners and organisations that need to reimburse one-off expenses. 
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Why Aren’t Volunteers Managers Being Heard?

We all heard how an ‘army of volunteers’ rose to the challenge during the pandemic and delivered vital services to their communities and the most vulnerable. According to the Isolation Economy research by Legal and General, the work done by volunteers had an equivalent economic value of more than £357 million each week. 
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Why Should I Automate Payments For People Not On My Payroll?

Most businesses and organisations deal with people who support them but are not officially employees, hence they are not on their regular payroll. We’re talking about the keynote speakers, the market research participants, the volunteers and so on. Organisations often need to make payments to these individuals who help and support them on an ad-hoc basis.   
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Can vHelp Benefit You Or Your Organisation?

Here at vHelp, we are all about making reimbursements easier. Whether you are a volunteer yourself, a business owner or volunteer manager looking to pay people who aren’t on your automated payroll, we can help. Reimbursing volunteer expenses never looked so quick and easy! In this article, we will be looking at who can use vHelp, as well as some examples of how various organisations are utilising our services now.
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How To Claim Expenses And Get Reimbursed Using vHelp

With all the changes to the modern world which have come from us using and developing technology, you would think there would be an efficient way for volunteers and people not on payroll to claim back their expenses after working with charities and businesses. Modern problems require modern solutions and that’s where vHelp comes in. With our team’s extensive knowledge surrounding payment systems, we’ve built a service which not only saves time but also is extremely effective and simple to use. In addition, we’ve also researched 60 charities of various sizes and found that 100% of them still pay expenses manually! This could take up to eight weeks for the volunteer to get their expense reimbursed.
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