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How the cost-of-living crisis is impacting patient retention in clinical trials

Medical research and clinical trials are crucial for the future of healthcare and the development of new treatments.  Those trials could not happen without people willing to take part and commit to the end of the trial. 
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The Impact of Inflation on Volunteering & The Importance of Paying Expenses

There is no need to highlight the value volunteers add to our communities, especially the way they rose to the challenge during the pandemic and shopped for their neighbours, tested us for COVID, and vaccinated us, to mention a few things. In this article, we will be looking at the impact that inflation has had on the volunteering sector, including, the rising costs of living, the price of fuel, and, why it’s of the utmost importance to reimburse your volunteer’s expenses. 
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How Can I Create a Volunteer Expenses Policy For My Charity?

More and more organisations are starting to pay volunteer expenses, especially with the current rate of inflation and petrol prices increasing. The most important benefit of paying volunteer expenses is inclusion; by ensuring your volunteers are reimbursed quickly you are widening the pool of your volunteers and opening up volunteering to people from various backgrounds.   
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How To Reimburse Volunteer Expenses

When you work with volunteers, you truly benefit from the time they give your organisation. Due to their willingness to give their time,  it is highly recommended to reimburse their expenses. This helps with engaging your volunteers for longer and it also helps with inclusion by widening the pool of volunteers your organisation works with. In this article, we will be looking at where to start when it comes to paying your volunteer’s expenses, the obligations surrounding this topic, and how to reimburse your volunteers manually and electronically.
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How vHelp Can Support Medical Research and Clinical Trials

When we started vHelp during the first lockdown, we were focused on creating a solution to ensure volunteers were able to get reimbursed quickly - especially as they were completing large shopping trips for vulnerable people isolated within their homes and weren’t getting reimbursed swiftly.  We really connected with the problem and worked on ensuring volunteers’ expenses were getting paid securely and in a timely manner. 
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The Volunteering Experience: Opportunities, rights, and expenses

vHelp was founded to help volunteers with easing their experiences and opportunities within the sector. Ensuring that volunteers understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to taking on these amazing roles is of the utmost importance. In this article, we will be looking at how you can find volunteer opportunities, what your local voluntary services could offer, how to choose a charity you have a connection with, what special skills you may need, how to support a crisis, and what the rights are surrounding volunteers getting their expenses paid back. 
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Why is paying one-off expenses a big pain?

Do you work for an organisation where you often need to pay one-off expenses? So far we’ve come across the following people who deal with one-off or irregular expense payments:
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How is vHelp different from Pre-Paid Cards?

We often get asked, how is vHelp different from pre-paid expenses cards. In order to best explain how vHelp differs from pre-paid cards, we thought it would be best to write an article surrounding the topic.
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4 Things To Consider To Make Your Volunteering Programme More Inclusive

It is safe to say that the voluntary sector needs to work hard to address inclusion and diversity challenges in the workplaces, in their volunteer work force and services. This is typically down to organisations not being as inclusive as they could be when it comes to considering individuals needs, requirements and general accommodations. This means that the many that would greatly benefit from volunteering, just aren’t getting a chance to. Here at vHelp, we are all about supporting the voluntary sector, making it not only easier for organisations to be inclusive but also, to help volunteers achieve their goals in their roles. In this article, we will be looking at our four top recommended ways to make organisations’ volunteering programme more inclusive. 
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Six Different Ways to Reimburse People Not on Payroll

Reimbursing expenses can be such a chore for business owners and organisations that need to reimburse one-off expenses.